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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 6, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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really a front for something more serious. also, tragedy at the krispy kreme challenge. what friends are saying on social media tonight about the man who died during the race. and liz horton with the latest timing on our snow chance. plus the storied tribute for a fallen skydiver in franklin >> see what's happening this instant.
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starts right now. >> breaking super bowl news. right off the top tonight. carolina panthers quarterback cam newton winning the nfl's most valuable player award. in a landslide. newton received 48 out of 50 votes. sportswriters and broadcasters who cover the league decide this award. it was presented during nfl honors tonight in san francisco. you can look for team coverage from tisha powell and mark armstrong later in the newscast. new tonight the first alert weather team is tracking what could be a quick shot of winter weather. good saturday evening, everyone. i'm heather waliga. let's get straight to liz horton to find out when this system moves in and how much snow accumulation we can expect. liz? liz: heth, not everyone will be seeing the snow tomorrow. those of you who live south and east of the triangle will have the best shot of seeing a little winter weather when you wake up in the morning. you can see the potential for snow and you look at that grayed in area. that's going to be south and east of wayne county, and samson county.
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be the potential for the most snow. the rest of us get to see snowflakes mixing in and doesn't look like we'll see much accumulation. first alert predictor now and you can see throughout the evening rain showers start to move up. temperatures dropped. we would see some snow forming. and wayne county, just south of golds bureau, some of that begins to move on in. then it will continue to fester and kind of expand a bit. as we go toward the earlier morning hours. and by 8:00, east of i-95 we could be looking at some of that snow. quickly, changing over to rain by the afternoon. and eventually it will likely push on off to the east. taking more of a snow chance with it as the sun goes down and temperatures drop off. so the good news is for those of us from wayne county to the north and to the west you'll likely see hardly anything, and maybe not even that much rain and the rest could see a little snow down to the south and east. our focus shifts to monday. rain showers move and could see turn into some flurries overnight into tuesday. certainly a snow forecast doesn't look all that promising. less than an inch likely for
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and most of the accumulation will likely be on those surfaces and elevated areas. we are talking cooling temperatures. and once again, more snow flurries. we'll talk about the timing of all of that coming up in just a few minutes. heather? heather: we know you're on top of it, liz. and our weather app is your first alert to any winter weather. you can download it in the app store or google play. to stay on top of the developing conditions. if you see any snow, share it. by clicking on the report your weather feature. new tonight, rising concerns over a long-range rocket fired by north korea. we first told you about this through an alert on the abc 11 mobile app. tonight, south korean officials say the rocket is being used to telft banned technology for a -- to test banned technology for a missile that could hit the united states. the launch follows last month's claims of a hydrogen bomb test. north korea state media says this is a peaceful satellite launch and the country vows to send more. secretary of state john kerry
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a flagrant violation of u.n. security council resolution. you'll find what's new with this story tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. also, new tonight, a drive-by shooting in downtown durham sent a 12-year-old boy to the hospital t happened before 8:00 on roxboro street. police say the driver heard gunshots and tried to go after the shooter. but when they realized the child was hit, they pulled over and called for help. eyewitness news was there as paramedics loaded the boy into an ambulance. he's now recovering from a gunshot wound to the leg. police believe the victims and the suspect new -- knew each other. what was supposed to be a fun race is overshadowed by tragedy. tonight questions about the cause of a runner's death during raleigh's famous krispy kreme challenge. we are live at the n.c. state bell tower which is the race's starting. and finish line. tell us what you've learned. reporter: yeah, heather. we are at the tower right now
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race, a bunch of tents pitched all around me. now, this was the start of the krispy kreme challenge. it's here where the victim stepped off and just went a short distance. east on hillsborough streelt. the victim started off the day excited to conquer the challenge ahead of him. but organizers say one mile in, he stepped out. complaining of chest pain. and he was rushed to rex compp and passed away there. organizers are not identifying the victim right now. but folks who knew him have been expressing their shock on our abc 11 facebook page. one viewer says his name was jeffrey and that he was an awesome guy and retired military. you would be hard pressed to find someone who didn't share a laugh with him. definitely going to be missed. it was an honor to know you. another person describes him as very sweet and kind man. and he will be missed very much. and the organizers of the krispy kreme challenge are also offering their condolences. they said in a statement, we are
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convey our heart felt condolences to his loved ones. live in raleigh. heather: this time tomorrow night, we should be close to knowing if the carolina panthers are your super bowl 50 champions. all week long, we've been bringing you the sights and sounds leading up to the game. tonight, tisha powell is hanging out with fans at the unofficial carolina panthers bar in san francisco. so tisha, let's see the taste of carolina on the bay. how is it going out there? reporter: oh, it's wonderful out here, heather. and there's no shortage of places to eat, drink, watch a sports team. but you wouldn't think that there would be a place for carolina panthers fans to gather in the bay area. but there is. take a look. they call it the best carolina panther bar in san francisco. at green sports bar, the panthers' punch is blue and the panthers' pride is easy to find. >> we have a panther bar in san francisco. the coolest thing ever.
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reporter: so how did a small bar in the bay area become the best place for panthers fans to hang out? well, it's an interesting story. >> a few years ago two tables of panthers fans and one sitting there and one sitting elsewhere. and they kind of found each other. and they chatted and they said we should make this our spot. and posted a review best panthers bar in san francisco. reporter: the panthers being good was good for business. >> the team got berlt. and cam newton got better and the panthers wound up taking over pretty much the whole upstairs and every football sunday. reporter: so panther nation has a home away from home on the west coast. greg and todd hunter from fayetteville are telling everyone they know to come by and be among friends. >> 200, 300. we got a big following now. a lot of bandwagon fans. and been campaigning hard. reporter: they owe it all to one review.
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>> blue cure saw to make it -- curacao and makes it delicious. reporter: the last ingredient is a super bowl win. and i talked to the manager about tomorrow. asking are you doing anything special? and he said he does have something planned. and that's to be very busy. i'm sure lots of panther punch will be flowing on super bowl sunday. live in san francisco, i'm tisha powell, abc 11 eyewitness news. heather: i'm sure it will. sounds like one of the best joining coldplay and beyonce. and our super bowl 50 coverage starts right here. but puyol find tons more on the abc 11 mobile app. meet the man who's been to every single super bowl. and you can also learn just some fun facts about the game. you can also check out some of our all-time favorite super bowl
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tonight, the neighbor of a man charged with killing his wyche said the murder suspect seems shaken up shortly after the attack. >> shaking. very disturbed and shaken. i thought it was odd at the time but looking back, it's, you know, kind of scary. heather: deputies in cumberland county say jesus mora called 911 this morning saying needed help and the situation was urgent. when they arrived mora was waiting in a driveway. deputies found mary mora's body with several wounds inside their home on steeplechase drive. we have learned the victim leaves behind an 18-year-old daughter from a previous marriage. what might have motivated the killing, though, is unclear tonight. new tonight a police investigation closes part of the durham freeway near fayetteville street. you can see the backups around 8:00. officers stopped traffic in the northbound lane to search for a weapon. connected to a shooting near mcdougal terrace. police say the suspect tossed
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right now the search continues for that suspect. but all lanes are back open. a traffic alert is new tonight about that water main break responsible for shutting down chapel hill road in morrisville. the road is now back open. between airport boulevard and southport drive. officials say if you live in the area, you should continue boiling your water for three minutes. or use bottled water through at least tomorrow morning. james stremmal died doing what he loved. next tonight, the incredible way fell poe skydivers are paying tribute and moving forward. then we hear from the naacp about a key decision to toss congressional voting maps. their response and the possible impact to our state's march primary. but first, a live look at the raleigh skyline. you see there on the left side of your screen the p.n.c. tower. all lit up in blue tonight. showing it's panthers pride on this super bowl eve. also, liz horton tracking some
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viewing area. but doesn't sound like everyone will see it. she is going to map it all out for us on the other side of the break. stay with us. first another look at tonight's powerball numbers. they are 13, 4, 36, 31, 52 and the powerball is 8. tonight's jackpot is $136.4 million.
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rth carolina's working again. unemployment is down from our mountains to the coast. families are paying less in taxes. we've helped seniors with medical bills. we've raised teacher pay. there's still work to do, but we have a carolina comeback for sure. we just don't always get the respect we've earned. well, there is one solution. keep pounding panthers!
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>> abc 11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook, like our page and click get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. heather: new tonight nearly 150 skydivers taking to the skies over franklin county to remember one of their own. on january 16, james stremmal died after a hard landing in lewisburg.
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skydivers from around the country came to jump and to heal. skydivers say when coming down, you can see the curvature. earth. it's a memory that's hard to forget. much like their friend james. new tonight, praise from the north carolina naacp over its handling of judge's decision to throw out congressional voting maps created five years ago. the move comes weeks before the state primary. how it could impact you. moving forward. reporter: blatant disregard for fundamental redirecting principles is absurd and stands the voting rights act on its head. reporter: that was the reaction of those gathered at an naacp-sponsored press conference one day after federal judges declared congressional voting maps in north carolina, the results of illegal racial gerrymandering. >> i want you to know that that is exactly what reverend barber and naacp members said to the
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when these districts were first made public. reporter: and despite the opposite ruling from state supreme court judges in december, it appears federal judges agree with the naacp. that race was the main factor in drawing lines for districts one and 12. as a result, lawmakers now need to come up with new boundaries for those two districts within the next two weeks. or the state could try to get a stay from an appeals court. >> assuming there is no stay, then elections cannot proceed under the current district. reporter: but if lawmakers cannot draw up new districts in time primaries could be pushed back. or if a stay is granted, districts could stay the same and voting would take place as planned for now. this uncertainty coupled with the ruling itself are leading to negative responses from many g.o.p. lawmakers. for example, the chairman of the house and senate redistricting committees released this following joint statement. it says in part, quote, we are surprised and disappointed by
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decision that throws an election already under way into turmoil. should this decision be allowed to stand, north carolina voters will no longer know how or when they will get to cast their primary ballots. end quote. you can look for their full response and other official reaction on our website, in durham, abc 11 eyewitness news. reporter: one in three women will lose their life to heart disease. but there are stories of hope from survivors. go red for women held a casting call at the valley mall today. ladies shared personal tales of beating the disease or a chance to become a triangle or a national go red for women spokesperson. and also free health screenings. heart disease remains the number one killer of women in this country. the nation celebrates black history every day this month. but on this day, in durham, there's always added focus. it's the 14th annual durham m.l.k. black history month parade. this is a bull city tradition
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icon and other african-american oinvators. north carolina house democratic leader larry hall and senate leader dan blue were there. they were this year's grand marshalls. -- marshals. the theme was give us the ballot which was held at the prayer pill grmage. it was nice to have some sunshine to start off the week. it sounds like we could see some snow but really just depending on where you will have, right? liz: yeah, right. exactly. if you live south and east the better likelihood of -- it seems counterintuitive and northern sections would be the ones getting it but this time it's not. rain expected if we have even that. for our northern sections, rain and snow mix likely down to the south and east. your seven-day outlook on there in the corner of your screen. let's take you through why the southeastern sections will be seeing it. this is shaping up to be a coastal storm. let's take you to our satellite radar image. you can see here all of this wind spinning up in a
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that's showing you the center of low pressure right here off the coast of florida. move north just a little bit. this probably right off the coast of about daytona beach, ormand beach continuing and move off to the north and east and plant itself right off the southeast coast of north carolina. when that happens, going to send a surge of moisture here. and as our temperature drops overnight we'll start to see some of the rain turn to maybe a little icy mix. but mostly snow. you can see the low forming and the rain already starting down here in south carolina. we'll continue to see these showers move up and i did get a report that they had sleet and right now our radar indicates it will mostly be rain. and overnight things could be getting a little more precarious. we'll continue to watch that. don't be surprised, though, if you do see some precipitation with rain and snow mixed in. it does not look to be a major event in terms of accumulation. 32 roxboro. 30 oxford and any precipitation
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different situation. but most of it is going to stay to the south and east. 38 right now in raleigh and 37 on the ground in stanford and 40 in fayetteville. we take you through tonight. likely drop down to 34 in fayetteville. 30 in durham and stanford and 31 in ral and i 20's are possible for many of our northern sections and most of the snow does look to be east and south of the triangle. as of sunday, we're talking 40's for most of us. 47 raleigh durham. 48 there in fayetteville. and clinton. 45 in roxboro. mostly cloudy skies and the amount of rain we get will be dependent on the placement of the low. how close it gets to the coast. you can see the predictor showing that we could see those showers. but snow showers mixed and also the rain you see in green. starting around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning. it will start to get a little bit bigger. a little bit more widespread here south and east of i-95. by 5:30, 6:00 in the morning. temperatures here, still above freezing.
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atmosphere, it looks like it could be cool enough for a mostly snow event. by 3:00 it moves east and mostly rain by that point. as the sun goes down, we'll likely see more of that change back over to snow. but at that point, many of our viewing area counties will likely be out of it. it will be pushing off toward the coast. and watch the clear on out for sunday night into monday. not going to last too long. we'll have another event back behind that. so this is the area of low about. and once again, if things go a little bit closer to us all this precipitation back over us. if it goes just a little bit farther out to sea, it could actually take most of the moisture with us. and that's the reason this system has been so difficult to nail down a forecast for. it certainly doesn't look like it will cause any major impact for you either way. you do have a cold front coming back right back behind that. and we'll see showers on monday and especially in the afternoon. as the sun falls and we start to get that colder surge of air back behind it.
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showers turn into snow showers overnight. certainly doesn't look all that bad. you can see there we'll get a little brief area of showers by tuesday. it comes through again. so don't be sprichede if you see a few flurries. but we're not talking any major accumulation for that day, either. back -- and this is where the cold, cold air comes in. our upper level wind pattern you can see in the blue and the purple. that indicates a much cooler surge of air. that's going to stick around at least through the middle part of the week before we start to warm up by next saturday. first alert seven-day forecast, powered by accuweather, shows shower chances sunday. late sunday, early tuesday. then clear out wednesday, thursday, friday and saturday and temperatures finally getting back up to 51 then. but until then we're likely going to have at least a few nights where we have temperatures in the 20's again overnight so it feels like february when you see snow and potential for 20's again. heather: that's a good reminder. heather: thanks, liz. the nfl handing out its major awards for this season tonight. next in sports, we go back live
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ho t >> now abc 11 11 eyewitness news sports. sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> welcome back, everybody, mark armstrong live with from you the super bowl from santa clara. what a night to be a carolina
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fan. only one team tomorrow night will take the field with the league's m.v.p. and that is the panthers. cam newton's official coronation tonight. and no surprise at all. he was a drop dead obvious choice. 3,800 yards passing and only quarterback in history with 48 touchdowns. what a season that would be if he gets the super bowl tomorrow night and he was not the only one. how about ron rivera? coach of the year as well. another i think fairly obvious pick. what people thought the panthers would be versus what they turned into. to very disparate things. and ron rivera deserves a lot of credit for that putting his team in a position to win and letting them enjoy the process along the way, too. and not minimizing the large personality that came to have along the way. and also want to mention, final walk-around inside the stadium today. not much practice going on. the preparation has been put to bed. the game plan is ready. they just have to go out and
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you can see greg olsen in the crowd all taking pictures of the stadium. just soaking one last day out before they get to work tomorrow night. i'm still not done. how about kevin green? the first real panther to get the call from the hall of fame. he was the sack monster for the panthers back in the 1990's when they first got off the ground. and he is deservedly into the hall of fame. joe, this is a fun team. not just for one small segment of people. joe: yeah to cover the panthers everyone sbracing them and we have the college teams and everybody has a side but everybody onboard with the panthers. they have become the glue between north and south carolina. >> when you go to carolina a hotbed of college athletics and you have teams, you have u.n.c. and you got duke, and you got n.c. state. and you got south carolina clemson. right down the road. so there's so many great college programs that -- to be able to bring them together, the fans, the sports fans in the carolinas, it's been neat. i think that's the most important thing is that we've
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something to grasp, cheer for as a group. joe: and like you were pointing covering the hurricanes. where everybody is onboard. and the panthers' fan base seems to be growing since we've been here all week. with met panthers fans from all over, europe, the west coast, up and down and with cam doing what he is doing, that is only going to continue to grow. noork like the hurricanes were in 2006, maybe times 1,000, and this is the nfl and it's the super bowl. all right. you got the basketball story back there. and i want to congratulate todd gurley of the rams. and the nfl's offensive rookie of the year, too. so congratulations to him. and take it away. >> yes. for the second time in two weeks n.c. state did battle in rivalry action in the tar heels on upset alert.
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